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Royal Docks Challenge - The Greater London Authority and the London Borough of Newham would like to hear your views on the future of the Royal Docks




The Royal Docks Challenge is based on the work of the Greater London Authority and Newham Council who are seeking your views on the long term vision and infrastructure requirements of the Royal Docks area in East London.

There are two steps to this challenge: First an online platform giving you the latest updates on the Royal Docks project. You can access the full platform by clicking the button above. Once registered, please take the online survey asking your views on the long term vision and big pieces of infrastructure needed in the Royal Docks. Secondly, you will be invited to join the Royal Docks Team for a workshop where you will be able to relay your proposals on the short and medium term infrastructure requirements for each of the development areas. Your views will then be used to commission a detailed delivery plan for the area.


The Royal Docks Challenge is open to members of the Royal Docks Advisory Board. To access the full challenge, please register using the invitation code sent to you by the Royal Docks Team.


Once registered, please read through the current vision and give us your feedback


The culmination of the challenge is a morning workshop in the Royal Docks where you will be able to work in groups and relay your infrastructure priorities for each of the development areas in the Royal Docks.



Since 2011, the Greater London Authority together with the London Borough of Newham (the Royal Docks team) have undertaken a major initiative to comprehensively plan London’s Royal Docks. With Enterprize Zone status guaranteeing a funding stream for the infrastructure supply and a new governance structure for the project area, the Royal Docks had their greatest opportunity for change in over thirty years. The Royal Docks Team would like your views on an economic vision and a set of wider objectives for the area drawn up by the engineering firm Arup.

There are two main aims in the Royal Docks Challenge:

Through an online survey:

  1. To get your views on the five objectives and economic vision proposed by Arup and to ask if you have an alternative vision for the area.

Through a workshop on the 24th of February

2. To get your views on what infrastructure should be delivered in each of the development areas in the short, medium and long term?

With this information, the Royal Docks team will commission a more detailed plan for the area.


First Vision and EZ Status

Joint vision by the GLA and the Mayor of Newham. Royal Docks are given Enterprise Zone status allowing them to retain business rates for 25 year period.


Transport Strategy

TfL publishes detailed transport implementation strategy for the Royal Docks ensuring local communities are well integrated and capacity meets employment and population growth forecasts in area.


DTZ study on business rate retention

A jointly commissioned report by DCLG and the GLA on the London Enterprise Zone gave the Royal Docks team several business rate receipt scenarios. These were later used to estimate the potential capital investment for the infrastructure in the area.


Infrastructure Investment Plan

Arup submits its Infrastructure Investment Plan.


New Governance Structure

GLA and the London Borough of Newham agree on a project governance structure. A future director for the Royal Docks will be a joint appointment reporting to the two organisations.

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